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Recap of many recent projects, 2010-2014

Featured applications

musagi   (2006-2008)
Advanced music editor and synthesizer.
CherryBrush   (September 2008)
Lightweight and flexible sketch/paint app.
sfxr   (December 2007)
Simple and fun sound effect generator.
Sculptris   (December 2009)
3D mesh sculpting.
fftuner   (October 2007)
Small tool to help pick out notes from recorded music.

Featured games

Chup   (January 2009)
Retro platformer with crazy jumping.
Deflectorpool   (October 2009)
Challenging action puzzle. Deflect and collect colored balls.
Rigid Racing   (2003-2008)
OpenGL racing game.
7th Swarming of the Machines   (April 2006)
Retro-style platformer coded in 48 hours for LD48h8.
Tales from a Cavern   (May 2008)
Cave Story rip-off made in two days.
netboats   (September 2007)
Networked boating deathmatch with retro graphics.
Shmester 5000   (January 2006)
My entry for shmup-dev.com's first compo in 2006.
neko-pachi remix   (November 2005)
Remake of a classic japanese flash game.
Spatzap   (April 2007)
Retro-style platformer coded in 48 hours for LD48h9.
Jackie and the B.S.   (December 2005)
Retro-style platformer coded in 48 hours for LD48h7.
cwd07   (December 2007)
Entry for Flammable Penguins' Weekend of Code challenge.
LD10   (December 2007)
An isometric "game" entry for LD48h10.
Elephants   (February 2007)
Collaborative game created in some 8 hours. I made sounds and music.
Barbie Seahorse Adventures   (April 2007)
Team entry for pyweek4. I did background graphics and sound effects.
Nitro Butts   (August 2005)
Robotron thing with classic 8x8 two-color sprites. Has co-op!
POC06   (February 2006)
Small arcade-style test game.
Tetris   (February 2005)
Minimalistic Tetris game using OpenGL.
Asteroids   (February 2008)
Asteroids. Pure and simple.

Archived projects

Overview of most old game-related projects


ldmoon   (February 2007)
24-hour game made for a Ludum Dare warmup compo.
Stars of Amazing Fury   (? 2006)
My entry for the 3-hour gamedev compo m.V
Dyngrid   (November 2005)
A tiny game made to prove some point about Geometry Wars ripoffs.
Amphibian Liberator   (2000)
My first proper 3D game. Written for a Glide contest.
WilderDash   (2001)
Boulderdash clone.
LingoCar   (2001)
My first attempt at a racing game.
Tanks   (2000)
Top-down tank duel.
Vanisha   (November 2006)
An entry for pyweek, and my first attempt at python coding.
Repulsive   (November 2006)
Team effort for 72hgdc. My main contributions were level editor and music.


animape   (February 2007)
Animation editor.
Raytracers   (2000-2009)
Various raytracers made over the years.
Software 3D   (2001-2008)
Various rasterizers made over the years.
matchref   (February 2008)
Camera alignment for reference photos used in 3D modeling.
Vectorize   (October 2009)
Vectorization for pixel editing/deformation.
Extraypork   (December 2008)
Optimized raytracing through framebuffer extrapolation.
drlcap   (April 2008)
Full-size desktop video recording with proprietary compression.
DKStation   (spring 2004)
An 8-bit hardware games console.
Pong   (December 2004)
Hardware Pong implemented using an Atmega8 C.
KBNES   (July 2008)
Keyboard circuitry built into an NES controller.
Lurch   (May 2006)
Temporal video smoothing.
NES Emulator   (March 2002)
Simple but functional NES emulator.
SPCMS   (January 2008)
Simple Pseudo Content Management System.
Fart   (January 2005)
Paint program with Wacom tablet support.
digsim   (November 2003)
Simple digital circuit simulator.

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