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Chalk up another one of them must-haves. Always nice to recreate the beloved classics, as long as you don't put too much time and effort into it. This one was made in a day, not counting the line drawing code which I wrestled with for two more (on and off). It still isn't perfect, as there are the occasional holes between line joints. For some reason I decided that I should sit down and figure out an accurate subpixel line drawing routine from scratch without reading up on any theory beforehand... I get those urges sometimes, being a wheel-reinventor since before I can remember. Will probably have another hack at it and update this if I can fix it up.

Game is very basic, pure vanilla asteroids. You have your thrust, fire and left/right turn controls. I put in XInput stuff for xbox360 controller support (since I recently got one of those and want to play around with it), but that will mess you up if you don't have the proper DLL's so there's also a build without it. Most likely I'll put in support for normal joysticks/gamepads later, perhaps even with SDL instead of GDI so it'll be portable(ish) too.


asteroids.zip (523 kB)
Yeah, well... there are a lot of 16-bit sound effects in the zip, ok?

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Page updated on March 25   2010