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Amphibian Liberator

This was written in 2000 for the Glide 3 Tutorial Summer Contest at VoodooExtreme.
I spent about two weeks making it, and was (still is) quite proud of it, considering it is my first hardware accelerated 3D game ever. I ended up 3rd place or something in the competition, and was supposed to have won a 3dfx t-shirt and a hat, but I never got anything in the mail... I guess 3dfx had too much financial problems to be able/willing to deal with that kind of stuff - They were bought up by nVidia pretty soon after.

The game was available for download, but it seems to have disappeared from my webspace, and I'm too lazy to upload it again. Besides - nobody has Voodoo cards anymore, and this requires Glide2, so there are no wrappers available either (afaik).


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