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I have always wanted to make a tetris game, ever since I started programming using AmosPro on my old Amiga. For some reason though, I've never made a serious attempt at it. I think I was a bit intimidated by the non-trivial handling of rotating puzzle blocks.

Having gained some programming expertise over the years, I finally gave it a real shot and decided to code it over the course of one day. A lot of development time was lost due to intense play testing, so things got a bit rushed towards the end of the day ;)
I ended up fixing a bug that I didn't discover until a few days later, but other that that everything was made in a 24-hour period (more like 12 hours or so).


- OpenGL graphics (for ease of implementation)
- Retro sound effects using sound code from the DKStation emulator
- Single tiny executable
- Wicked Tetris gameplay ;)
- Highscores
- Sound toggle


Tetris.zip (42 kB)
Drop drop drop! Stack stack stack!

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Page updated on March 25   2010