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Flammable Penguins hold "Weekend of Code" challenges every now and then. I had intended to join one before this but didn't, so I figured it was about time.
Themes were: One-Button Joystick (+ directions), Friendly to all Ages, Collection Element.

The game has procedural levels and music. Gameplay is a bit unbalanced as it gets progressively harder to gain points the further you play, so there's a kind of ceiling which you reach pretty soon and then you can only progress slowly from there on.
Main attraction really is the music, it can be fun to see what comes out from time to time. The post-compo version (second download below) has a jukebox mode that you enter by pressing escape. From there you can just listen and generate new songs by pressing return.

The algorithm used is a simple heuristic model of how I tend to compose music myself (sans the "go by ear" part). Instruments are all realtime synthesized.


cwd07.zip (60 kB)
Original entry version

cwd07b.zip (64 kB)
Post-compo version with jukebox mode (and additional audio bugs, yay)

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Page updated on March 25   2010