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Another Ludum Dare, another mediocre game entry... At least I managed to fight the usual platformer urge I get for these. This time it's an isometric view instead. Still retro though, and still next to no gameplay. You basically hop around and try to raise/sink or flood-fill the floor by hitting X and Z (try it mid-air).
There's not much challenge to it, although it does reset if you hit water. There's a certain charm to it I think, despite all its flaws... a monument to last-second feature implementation ;)

Sound effects are all from sfxr. Music is musagi of course (though I managed to save a buggy version of the tune with the game, argh!).

Here is a post-mortem of the development process.


drpetter_ld10.zip (351 kB)
Original competition entry, flaws and all

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Page updated on March 25   2010