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neko-pachi remix

A pretty little game I was working on back in 2005, but I never really came around to polishing it up that last bit. Actually this version has the exact same code as the old one, just with more levels added. I figured I had to upload it so it wouldn't sit there hidden away forever.

I made it after playing this great flash game which has the same basic mechanics but less polish.

It's very simple to play, just grab your mouse and you'll figure it out in no time. You have infinite lives, so there's no theoretical challenge to completing the game, but some of the levels might try your patience a bit. Feel free to quit at any time and continue later, as your progress is saved automatically.

I should probably add lives or some kind of penalty for losing kittens, but the code isn't immediately available to me (I added some incomplete features after this build and will have to hunt around for an old source copy etc) so I'll leave it like this for now.


nekopachi-remix.zip (119 kB)

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Page updated on March 25   2010