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Nitro Butts

This is an oldie from 2005 which I only recently found the geist to finish up and post. My brother and I were bored once when he was visiting, so we decided to make a little game. He drew some lowres sprites and I hacked away on some generic routines without much idea of what it'd turn into. After rendering and movement was in we decided to just go for a simple robotron thing since we couldn't bother with something more complex.

The game has some level progression going, with enemy count increasing as you go. There are two types of enemies, one of which is the dreaded greenish square!
(this was supposed to be something cool, but we couldn't come up with anything that'd look scary in two colors and 8x8 pixels)

Of course there's also some rudimentary realtime-synthesized music... tuned to get you sweating as the levels go by :)

One nice and rare feature is co-op play with keyboard and gamepad. Just hit button 1 on the pad to bring in player 2.


nitrobutts.zip (55 kB)
Get a friend with gamepad and go go go!

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Page updated on March 25   2010