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Following is the original description from ancient times.
The game has been abandoned for almost a decade.

This is a game that I am working on together with AnderZ.
I do the programming, graphix and most sounds, and he helps with ideas and inspiration, actually it was his idea from the beginning.
The name "Tanks" is only temporary, we'll hopefully come up with something a bit more original when it gets more finished...

The game is currently two-player-only, the players have one tank each, and the goal is to kill the other one as many times as possible.

We are thinking about making some kind of single-player-mode too, where you try to get into a heavily guarded enemy base and destroy it, but we haven't really figured it out yet. So far, we concentrate on the actual game, trying to make it work the way we want it to, then we can add stuff like a single-player-mode...


tanks_win.zip (2.8 MB)
Last version, win32 build.

tanks_dos.exe (186 kB)
DOS executable, put in game directory if you need it.

all3934.zip (242 kB)
Allegro DLL file required for the Windows version.

hacking.avi (3.4 MB)
Time-lapse video showing me and AnderZ developing like crazy...

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Page updated on March 25   2010