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This is a pretty ambitious paint application with Wacom tablet support (made it right after getting a tablet). It's got a form of layer system where you have one layer for sketching (or importing a line drawing), one for inking (with an inertial ink tool, so that you get smooth curves), and one for color. There's support for saving and loading PNG files, as well as an internal format (which is basically one PNG per layer, batched up into one file).
I doubt I will continue working on this one. The code is a mess, it's basically an experiment in tablet support gone horribly oversized. More likely I'll remake it from scratch and keep it more modular and general purpose so that I can make a truly useful paint app.

There's no bug-free and useful version of the program available, so anyone interested will have to email me for a copy (and be prepared for trouble).


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Page updated on March 25   2010