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Jackie and the B.S.

This was my entry for the Ludum Dare 48h coding compo #7 held in december 2005. No placement results were finalized but I did rather well by the unofficial vote count.

My approach was to first get all the gameplay working with extremely simplified graphics and then spend the remaining time redrawing everything. It worked out pretty well and I managed to get almost all the graphics up to the level I had hoped for to start with (all but the title screen, basically).

Since the end of the competition I spent about two weeks cleaning the game up and adding a bunch of little features to make it more complete. This updated version has yet to be released though, as I stopped working on it before it reached a finished state. I might spend a few days cleaning it up, but it's not planned anytime soon.


jackiebs.zip (1.25 MB)
Competition version

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